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With teams of experienced and credited Hollywood professionals working alongside our talented pool of Chinese writers, we conceive, develop and launch material specifically designed and tailored for both the Chinese and International markets, for our partners and for ourselves. With an active presence in both markets and partnerships in each, along with India, we carefully monitor market and sanctioned content trends while focusing on the cultural differences and similarities that will entertain all audiences.


Blue Heaven is a production company consisting of and affiliated with key professionals holding years of production experience in Hollywood, China and India. With extensive ties to agencies, producers, talent and TV crews, and with experience navigating the unique laws and content restrictions in various regions around the world, we develop, acquire and produce content on behalf of corporate partners and financiers, both East and West.


From getting help finding that one individual attachment that can guarantee a project’s green light, to hiring an entire crew that can shoot it and help platform it, Blue Heaven works with clients East and West to make connections and deals through our collective vast network of contacts, partnerships and friends worldwide. In addition to assisting or advising in the financing, development and production of East/West content, we have also helped build events to showcase such content, including the AFCI 2016 and 2017 Global Film Finance and Location Summits.


We work with corporate partners, investors and film funds in Asia and elsewhere to determine their development and acquisition needs to acquire or develop film and TV content to match their needs for production. From targeted gap financing on up to full financing, we work to bridge financiers with content creators and take either an active or passive role in seeing projects close financing and go from page to screen.
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